Goodbye to Twenty-Two

Goodbye to Twenty-Two

Happy Birthday to me


If I told you I didn’t learn anything when it comes to friendship, business, decision-making and ensuring my heart is at peace I would be lying.  It’s safe to say, life got a little too hard for me, but what matters now is the fact that I SURVIVED and I am now trying to be there for myself.


 The most important lesson I learnt is that I no longer want to spend money unnecessarily or whilst doing things I hate – more so if I won’t be fulfilled. Twenty-two came with a lot of uncertainty, which had the ability to cripple me, but I soldiered on and I was never defeated. I learnt that I should stop allowing peace stealers into my life, and if I am going to live in peace boundaries have to be put into place. I learnt that saying NO is very important – there’s nothing worse than dreading something I agreed on and canceling on people when I should’ve said no in the first place – basically to be honest and upfront with myself. I learnt that there’s nothing nicer than being in control of how I have fun, Johannesburg clubbing isn’t fun anymore and I would much rather hang out and be with people who have my safety and best interests at heart (If you have never had an anxiety attack mid clubbing – lucky you).

Twenty-two taught me that it’s ok to fail, failure is a part of ones journey and that the way you recover is what counts (Not to sound cliché) but to recognize that it’s unpleasant. I learnt that it’s better to keep it real with people than to run away from confrontation which I have done all my life. Twenty-two taught me to value family more than ever, even after discovering how imperfect it really is – they are my strength and they are love. I learnt that seeing everyone as human beings before they are friends, boyfriend, family will do me more good than bad. Twenty-two taught me to value my partner – to be a listener more than a chatterbox. To understand that there will always be struggle – I just need to pick who I struggle with, and that all relationships are about compromise.

It reminded me of my dreams of being a child of the world and to work hard so that dream can come to fruition. It taught me to be a go-getter and to always entrust God with my load. It taught me to know my place in people’s lives and to never just go with the flow. The past year may have been my hardest yet but what matters now again, is the fact that I SURVIVED.
Twenty-two taught me that collaboration in any form is the way and it also feels good to go out and do things for myself. Twenty-two taught me that selfishness where needed is ok and in my quest it is important  going forward to take mental health days. Nothing bad can ever come from doing the right thing for me.


Twenty-two has taught me that short natural hair  is beautiful on me and that fear of my beauty or how other people view me is a thing of the past instead to celebrate my uniqueness.  Lastly that as a woman I am not safe, not whilst men still exist at least. We are living in terrible times and Prayer is the key to finding comfort in this world. Twenty-two taught me that I am strong and I am a conqueror, I will always have to put in the work if I want to achieve the things I wish to achieve. Twenty-two taught me that my time is coming and I should enjoy discovering the things I love and who I am in the process.


    • That authentic happiness exists.
    • Always find room to forgive people.
    • Choosing gratitude over complaining.
    • Saying NO to things I am not comfortable with.
    • To never be good but strive for greatness.
    • Giving up should never be an option.
    • To remember that my moves are between God and I.
    • Remain hopeful.
    • To work on my communication skills.


My pink dress is from Factorie

Ok Bye for now.





Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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