7 Career Questions with: Let’s Get Lost Travel Agency’s Sister Duo

7 Career Questions with: Let’s Get Lost Travel Agency’s Sister Duo

1. How did the idea to start a Travel Agency come about?

From festivals to weekend get-aways, we have often travelled solo and with that grew our friend’s desire to join in on the fun. Quite a few of our trips, if not most, were on a shoe-string budget and we thought: ‘Hey, exploring the continent as an African is definitely possible. Why not create a platform for that?”

2. Which milestone has defined your success in business? 

This is our 3rd year in business and even though we don`t get it right 100% of the time, we have grown and learnt so much along the way. We collaborate with Experience Operators to service our clients, however, we have also managed to acquire a few assets which will afford us the opportunity to expand our product/service offering.

3. How do you retain clients and market yourself? which tactics have been most successful?

We market ourselves on platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. However, Email marketing has been most successful as we have direct contact with our clients. I think our website has played a role too.
 We have quite a few people who access our site, not just from the African continent but from North America and Europe too.

4. What can one expect when travelling with your company post-COVID -19? 

Generally speaking, we travel with a minimum of 8 people which leaves room for social distancing. We have also introduced our line of handmade face masks which will now become a standard inclusion in our travel packages. Hand sanitizer will be available in all travel vehicles. Domestic Tourism will be our main focus for the next 12 months, we`re currently engaging with a few local businesses and hope to package their products/services at a much more affordable price to local tourists.

Lets Get Lost


5. How would you describe starting a business as a sister duo? 

We`re complete opposites and bud heads, often! LOL
   Luserne is the focused one, always bringing structure. Michaela, well Michaela is the wild card.

6. Advice on how one can start saving for a trip? 

Re-evaluating your lifestyle choices can put some extra cash into your pocket.
   Cut out non-essential wants: 
   Eliminate unnecessary “nice-to-haves” like a gym membership that never gets utilized or a night-out that has not been budgeted for.
  Use a travel savings jar: 
  Channel the savings traditions of your younger self. Get a jar and insert an item that represents your travel destination into it and toss extra change into it leading up to the day of your departure. This will serve as a constant motivation and boost your kitty for your trip.
  Reduce our eliminate your cellphone expenses: 
  Change from an expensive cellphone contract, to a pre-paid option.
  Learn to cook:
  Prepare your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. Spend less time dining and/or money on takeaways.
  Cut out takeaway coffee:
  Yes, it`s nice but an R20 cup of coffee can add up to R100 per week. Yes, you can easily save R400 a month.
  Use your car less, if possible: 
  Join a lift club or make use of public transport

7. Why and what is the significance of your company’s main focus being travel in Africa?  

 The African continent is diverse and it`s time for us as Africans to change the narrative about Africa. We`re able to tell our own stories and showcase the diversity when we fully immerse ourselves if and when we travel.
Over 50% of Africans are employed by the informal economy. We have established a network of local and informal guides, we`re committed to supporting local businesses across the continent. Our clients thus directly contribute to the livelihood of locals, helping them to not only sustain themselves but the environment (community) in which they exist.

We have a featured article in True Love magazine about Travel savings, the full article is available here: 

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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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