5 Winter Short Natural Hair Care Ingredients: LOW POROSITY HAIR

Winter Short Natural Hair Care

Winter hair care is underway and in my household, that extra effort is required in the hair care department. If you are like us and hope to have healthy, strong luscious hair all year round, it is important now more than ever to put in that work. The effects of Winter on hair can be extremely damaging so extra care is important.

the perfect hair

Why natural hair requires extra attention in winter?

Temperature changes mean that your hair will be crying out for moisture, the cold dries out ones hair. Hair can become very brittle and vulnerable from the windy air and low temperatures that remove surface water on one’s natural hair. Winter is extremely undesirable on our hair and that is the honest truth.

The scalp becomes dry and flaky quicker than it would in warmer weather conditions, therefore basing the scalp every second day with oil helps with moisture. Treatments are now even more important than ever. Hair adapts to your environment and lucky are those who are chasing summer all year round. I have Low Porosity 4c Hair you can do the porosity test directions that are in this post. I am the queen of trial and error and I can now happily say that I’ve found the products my hair enjoys. Zithande Naturals hair and The Perfect Hair brand (as shown in the picture above) are definitely Ubambo lwam when it comes to my natural hair. Since I’ve finally found what my hair is fond of  I wanted to help you too.

My life changing SPRITZER ingredients

1. Water 50% of the mixture
2. Grapeseed Oil (Any Brand)
3. Tablespoon of Glycerin (Dolly Varden)
4. Leave-in conditioner ORS (recently discovered 🙌🏾) curls unleashed found at Clicks Stores5. Tablespoon of Jamaican Black castor oil (Any brand)
6. Originals Olive oil moisturizing growth lotion found at Clicks Stores


Winter Natural Hair Care

This is a beautiful mixture of quality, affordable products that can be used in protective styles and on your hair, this Winter isn’t ready.

I hope this helps



Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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