5 Household Items You Need To Replace More Often Than You Do

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I trust that you are well and the second half of the year is off to a great start. In today’s blog post I thought I would share some knowledge I acquired over my school holidays this past July, my curiosity had me doing some research on how long one should keep and or use some household items and the below are what stood out to me.


  • Every 3months, please.


  • 2-4months – especially if you wear contacts.

Loofah + Shower Gloves + Shower Towel:

  • At least once a month – otherwise you’re cleaning yourself with a bacteria-filled washer.

Kitchen Sponge:

  • 2weeks – especially if you wash dishes daily. I believe under lockdown this applies to all of us.


  • Every 6months especially inexpensive ones, unless you have memory foam then that should last you up to 3years.


I just thought I would share what I think is not commonly known to a lot of people because that has always been the purpose of this blog. Happy cleaning out your cabinets. Wishing you all a splendid rest of this week.


5 household items to let go of

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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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