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Pond’s Institute


A few months ago I got the opportunity to attend the Ponds Institute Event in Sandton City, courtesy of Melody Molale (@ilovemelmo). I received not only an informative session on skin but I also got the opportunity to chat to some wonderful woman over Sushi and champagne and finally meet iloveMelMo ofcourse. The events focus was on the new POND’S  Pimple Clear leave on Gel with the theme #NoMoreHiding.

What stuck out to me was discovering that the environment as a whole is detrimental to our skin therefore it is important to use a product that ensures your skin is purified and one that looks to fight the damage caused by daily exposure to pollution. The emphasis on the use of sunscreen forced me to go purchase a bottle and I have seen the improvement in my complexion as well as the general quality of my skin.

As the evening progressed we were schooled on what the brand Pond’s stands for and I think in that moment I was sold. That whole experience showed me how important it is to have people that will represent your brand well, as well as to know every detail about it – as a consumer I think it gave me confidence and to realize that this brand is not limited to certain types of people nor is it targeted at people with terrible skin only – they cater for everyone.

Did you know that the Ponds institute is not actually a literal institute, it’s a part of their name and brand – how interesting, personally I had no idea. I decided to wait this long to try the product because I did not have any issues with my skin and I was waiting for that one pimple that was guaranteed to ruin my whole life. It was a pleasure being a part of the ladies who attended such a well-organized event – unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to win the voucher that was up for grabs, maybe next time.

The pimple clear leave on gel does exactly what it promises and to say my skin did not love it would be a complete lie. The most important lesson to remember is that to get optimum results you should use the ponds face wash together with the ponds pimple clear leave-on gel. Winning combination.It retails for R44,95 at clicks and other cosmetic stores.




Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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