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The benefits of face masks in your skin care routine

The benefits of face masks in your skin care routine

Hey guys! 😁😁

Today we are discussing all things face masks. This is new territory for me and I only started enjoying the benefits of including face masks in my skin care routine in the new year. Everyone who’s heard from me recently knows I’m on a journey of healing my soul and taking good care of my overall self which includes indulging in face masks. 2018 for me is about cultivating confidence and one of the ways to achieve this is by making my skin a priority. When it comes to skin problems I am not without textured skin but I have seen an overwhelming improvement with that issue ever since I started using face masks weekly.

When it comes to which face mask I use, I don’t like recommending brands mainly because what works for me may not work for you. Understanding your skin type will make finding what works for you easier and this will make your skin care routine more effective. What I can advice through doing research for my own skin type are the qualities of a good face mask which you will see below.  When it comes to caring for your skin it is important to do thorough research.

A good face masks qualities:

“Even the best face mask in the world isn’t going to work for you if it’s not designed for your skin type because they’re all formulated differently for each skin type.”

  • Gentle exfoliator: Removes dead skin cells and built up product residue on your skin – Results in glowing and radiant complexion when you wash the mask off.
  • Always be moisturizing: Infuse nutrients into your skin leaving it fresher – look to fight dry skin & pump your skin full of moisture so it looks both young and clean.
  • Calming mask: soothes dry patches, ingredient include aloe vera. Avoid parabens and fragrances which can irritate skin.
  • Renewal mask: Helps make your skin look younger than before you used it and it promoted that glow.

Source: http://skincare.allwomenstalk.com/your-face-mask-should-have-these-quailities


The new year introduced me to new ways of enjoying Friday or Sunday evenings, those days make sense for me because I use face masks as stress relievers, they’re my personal way to relaxation, they help me reflect better as well as find renewal after a long week, they are what I call the refresh and unwind button. Face masks take up only 10-15 minutes of ones much anticipated weekend so they’re worth it. You can incorporate this into date night / girls sleep over. They’re easy to apply and fun to use, plus they set the perfect mood for anything romantic I mention this because Valentines Day is upon us (Haha). End the evening with both you and a lover or if your single looking younger, feeling smoother than ever. I am extra by making it a no pants, wig off, bra off, candles on and incense filled type of evening.


  • Always start with a freshly cleansed face.
  • I use my hands to apply a generous amount all over my face and neck.
  • I sometimes use a clean makeup brush.

Reasons you may need to start using one:

  • Hydrate skin.
  • Remove excess oils.
  • Helps appearance of your pores.
  • Pull out impurities.
  • Glowing skin.
  • Helps skin care regimen to be more effective.
  • Deep cleansing taking your whole cleansing step to a whole new level.
  • Better looking makeup.

When it comes to the overall results of a skin care routine, It’s important to remember to drink water / lemon & cucumber water daily as this helps keep your skin looking radiant. Last year all I drank was fizzy cool drinks and drinks that contained a lot of caffeine, that made me look dull and washed out. My eyes weren’t as clear as they are today and they looked yellowish which I hated, but with a few changes in my routine and being more mindful of the foods / liquids I consume my skin is less oily, is clearer and my skin tone is even.

My skin looks younger, and is smoother than ever with each application. Tightened skin is what we all hope for and masks have that element. That element of softer, tighter, smoother, younger looking skin. Although I’ll admit that at first I was just following trends – but now I can happily say I understand why everyone is a fan of face masks. Try yourself out you’ll thank me later.

Lookout for more skin care tips over the next two months.

Bye 👋🏾

Stay glowing

Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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