Autumn Fashion by Eni, London based Fashion Blogger

Autumn Fashion by Eni, London based Fashion Blogger

My name Is Eni Ilori.

I was born in London but I lived in Nigeria till I was about 14 and then moved back to London. At university I studied art. I always thought that I would be an artist ….but as we all know in life situations change and we tend to steer in a different direction. I have always been Interested in fashion but it was the encouragement from family and friends that enabled me to start blogging and become more confident.

When it comes to fashion, I tend not to restrict myself. I enjoy wearing variations of colours, prints, and textures. I also love trends but the most important thing is to style it in my own way. For me, Its important that when I buy an item it can be styled in different ways. There is nothing worse than buying an item that you will only wear once. Its a waste of money and it also shows no versatility.

When people ask me what my favourite season is, I would have to go with Autumn/ Winter. Firstly I love autumn because it gets to that point when you can go out with just a knitted jumper, jeans, boots and really just feel stylish with yourself. That’s one of my favourite things. I have quite a number of knitted coloured jumpers that are warm enough for this season.

As for winter, where do I even begin. I mean who doesn’t love laying up and wearing a comfy coat. If I’m being honest, I think that when it comes to choosing what to wear in winter… I don’t restrict my colours. I really wear what I want to wear. My favourite colours would have to be camel, beige, black, white, burgundy . I could go on but these are just a few of the colours I like to wear during this season.

My favourite shops to look for the ideal Autumn/winter pieces would have to be Zara, H&M, Topshop, Asos & Mango . These are the main stores that I buy most of my clothing from. I always find what I need in these places. Zara is my number one go to shop. It really has such a great range of colours/ styles and it works for everybody.


Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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