Fashion Favourite of the month: Nizole (Pt 1)

Fashion Favourite of the month: Nizole (Pt 1)

Next Level: Introducing Nizole Mbaleki

“Hey Cwayita, i hope you’re well. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing a ‘collaboration’ of some sort. I thought it would be a good idea to do a budget friendly style diary for students, with maybe 5 looks or something then you can feature it on your blog.” This was literally the message that changed everything for me. I was feeling uninspired and just lacked creativity. But you know God will come through for you when you least expect it.

She went further to say, “I could put together some looks and get your opinion on them, I’ve got a photographer this side (Cape Town) Ramiie_G who could take the images and we’ll just email them through to you.” What a gem. She did all she promised and after three weeks of bouncing off ideas in the DM everything was successful. Hassle free, literally it was a case of – will this work or nah change that, add this, ohh no this colour works better with that item, at every hour of the day and night. This was an answer to my prayers, I’m basically sharing my October testament with you all. My point is ask and you shall receive and in most cases you’ll receive even better than what you expected. I hope I’m making sense.

With this collabo our vision came through perfectly, this is only a taste of our overall project. Her Eye for fashion is unmatched. Her body is insane and everything she puts together is pure perfection. She looks incredible in everything she owns and I’m not exaggerating. She’s the perfect candidate because she isn’t afraid to take fashion risks.

Again, this is literally just a taste of what next week will bring, everything you need to know about her will be up next week ☺️☺️ Stay tuned.

(Photo cred: @Ramiie_g | Ramaanda Matshekwa )

Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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