What was SAFW 2018 really like: Day 3

What was SAFW 2018 really like: Day 3

Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally attended my first ever SOUTH AFRICAN FASHION WEEK.

“Congrats @Cwayita_b you have won yourself double tickets,”

So YES indeed I entered a competition on Twitter, and I happened to be one of the winners for a change, YAY me. I knew I wanted to attend Fashion Week this year, but I also knew to pay for a ticket wasn’t in the cards #YourFavCheapSkate. That is how I found myself sitting and enjoying four excellent designers showcase their Spring / Summer 2018 collections. I forgot to mention how I got upgraded from the second row to the FRONT row, yes that made me feel good about myself. Mainly because my friend and I were told we got moved because we stood out and looked good. I recently learnt to take compliments and stop overthinking and questioning. We didn’t waste any time moving to the front sitting opposite Nadia Nakai NAHHHH MEAN.

SA Fashion Week was located at Protea Court in Sandton City. I think it was a great location because Sandton has a sophistication about it that I can’t explain. After all, it is the richest square mile in Africa, before 1973, it was a smallholding farming community. The atmosphere was welcoming, not at all lacking energy – it could have been friendlier, but that’s Johannesburg for you. I advice I was given was to, ‘look nice, and people will want to be associated with you’ well I found that extremely WEIRD and sad. We attended day three, and it was an experience that reminded me how important my journey in fashion is, it reminded me how passionate I am about the industry almost making me cry. The shows were an hour behind, but that worked out well because it afforded us the chance to take pictures. This was an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life because of the divine love I have for fashion.

When it comes to the fragrance of the event, there is nothing to write home about. It was just a mixture of cocktails, perfumes & colognes of freshly washed fashion community. The actual shows didn’t have a distinct scent. The decor in the foyer area was great for pictures, black and white dropping along the edges – that worked perfectly because it made every individual image Instagram worthy. I dream of a uniquely South African feel when I attend such an event. The actual runway was bland, the arrangement of the chairs was boring, no budget boring, lack of creativity boring. The street style rocked. I enjoy seeing how people interpret fashion – we are seeing more and more people make an effort to look the part which isn’t the culture in South Africa.

Runway Recap

The Twitter giveaway was run by @AstoldbyTiffany a blogger who is the new brand ambassador for African Style Story. I find that very motivating, content creators are being accepted and recognized in every sphere – the world is opening up and evolving by seeing the benefits of collaborating with the right content creator. I learnt to actively continue working at my craft even when I’m struggling to see the fruits of my labour because when it rains, it pours. Who also walked in the runway show. Local designer African Style Story. Two other brands also showcased namely; T’Niche which had very vibrant colourful pieces and Isabel De Villiers, which is a Cape Town based fashion brand for women all shapes and sizes debuted their collections that night too.

Rubicon x Appletiser:

A compelling show is a variety of mature styles which means there’s something for everyone. That’s always great. There was a powerful aura in the air and a compelling opening.


LootLove walked powerfully and truly embodied the brand.

African Style story: 

Raising awareness, a collection with a cause focusing on teenage girls with cancer was the message African style story was expressing. The show was opened by the new brand ambassador Tiffany Lekuku who runs the blog www.AsToldByTiffany.com, and we were also treated to the beautiful & talented Television personality Thembisa Mdoda who walked confidently. The line reminded me of the church/picnic section of my wardrobe; it portrayed body positivity through model selection. It reminded me of a calm Sunday spent laying in the sun reading an inspirational book with my pretty dress. My favourite piece was indeed the one worn by Thembisa Mdoda because That’s more my style. Very quirky, not see-through, conservative, cute wearable line, a line all our grandmothers would be happy we won, I would also love to see it worn by a mom and her daughter. This line can be purchase from Zando and Spree.

It truly gave me a feel-good vibe – a very familiar collection that’s bringing awareness – that’s a big thumbs up for me.


Legends created this collection; maybe I’m bias because I got the opportunity to meet and chat to the designers after the show—very humble gentlemen. The collection was refined; it had spectacular colours that were styled and mixed to perfection. Less is more was the message, and I appreciate that. The whole collection makes for the perfect edgy workwear wardrobe – far from drab. What stood out was the fact that there was no off the shoulder. I am glad we are doing away with that trend. The bags were from Carol Bouwer bags and the sunglasses from Sunglasses hut. Overall it was styled very very well – clean cut. Those boots were absolutely on point with every look – I love a versatile item, much like every item in the collection. I have recently started at a new job, and every single piece would work very well for the new role I have taken up – I’m already thinking about my summer wardrobe which will include most of these items in this collection because God will provide since I need every item. Well done.


There were many beautiful, wonderful, powerful, strong women in attendance, so I was overwhelmed a bit. I felt delighted because of how enjoyable the whole evening was. The colours in every collection made me look forward to summer 18. The fabrics looked like quality and were cut very well in each collection. I drew inspiration from every designer who showcased on day 3.

Everything I learnt that evening

  • Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.
  • I enjoy being in this space.
  • I don’t know South African brands, and I need to do better in that respect.
  • South Africa has potential, but we lack execution A.K.A budget.
  • Know your story in any and every space you place yourself.
  • Fashion is a beautiful and style is changing lives one garment at a time.
  • Fashion is comfortable around, and I am comfortable around it too.
  •  Every single skill needs to be celebrated in its entirety.
  • Every designer gave it their all, and that’s a lesson for everyone in their daily tasks.
  • Something shifted inside of me, and that feeling was incredible – growth doesn’t always come in the ways you expect it comes in, so reflection is essential.

Lastly, ME, what I wore. 

This dress was a last-minute find. I ran into HM because they always have items that are both different and affordable. I appreciate that. Yes, indeed my dress was purple, not blue, pictures are telling a different story.



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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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