Winter Fashion 2021: 3 Coats You Have To Get This Season

Winter Fashion 2021: 3 Coats You Have To Get This Season

Winter  Fashion 2021

Winter a season I often like to call coat season. As a matter of fact, I have a coat in most colours, yes – you are more than welcome to blame my thrifting habits. Last year I found a total of eight really beautiful coats for R150each which’s a fraction of what your normal stores would’ve charged. Coats make up 80% of my winter wardrobe with good reason – South African Johannesburg winter is VERY cold and has a windy element to it. Coats almost always add a very chic element to a look. Coats are those items of clothing you buy to pass down to other members of the family. Coats are both a protective item and a fashionable item 2-in-1. The three I have shown in this post are the three colours everyone should have for their timeless, neutral, balanced and practicality.

Grey Coat: Ultimate Sophistication 

winter fashion 2021


Black Coat: Extreme Versatility 

black winter coat 2021


Camel / Beige Coat: A Timeless Neutral 

Camel winter coat 2021


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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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