Hippo Pod: 1 Of The Cheap Accommodation Options in Cape Town CBD


Hippo Pod

Today’s post is about my little hostel experience this past weekend – it was fun, short and satisfying to say the least. This is the perfect place to STAY | PLAY | EAT in the heart of Cape Town at a really cheap price.

Hostel Definition:

”An establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for people such as travellers.” – That is what I was really up to over the weekend. I wanted to explore this new hidden gem out of curiosity and it surprised me in the most positive way.

Hippo Pod Hostel

Hippo Pod

I find it very frustrating when I spend a lot of money on accommodation that I won’t really be spending most of my time at, this time around after a long work week I booked myself into this little abode in the heart of Cape Town so I could spend the rest of my budget really exploring the city without the stress of my finances not allowing me to because I splurged on accommodation. The purpose of this stay wasn’t to relax and remain indoors so booing a hostel made perfect sense for me.

I have stayed in different types of accommodation offerings and find that I am more fascinated by the ones that have been well thought out and aren’t like anything I have experienced before so I think Hippo Pod did not disappoint in that regard. What made me book you ask? It definitely is my liking of things (Adventurous) that Lead me to Hippo Pod Hostel. This meant I could continue spending on other activities in the city whilst on a budget. This is how I find balance and am able to eat my favourite things at restaurants as that is a priority for me – so having extra money saved from not booking expensive accommodation makes perfect sense for me and allows me to indulge elsewhere.

There’s nothing like finally knowing yourself and accepting your financial situation for the time being – I really am learning this daily (own pace own lane type of thing)

I thought I was a cheapskate when it comes to clothes but now I realize that it’s even better finding cheap/comfortable accommodation as I get a better high from it – I absolutely love a good deal. Instead of looking at this accommodation option in a negative light, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to meet new people which I find really fun. Piece of advice about being in a shared dorm – most people are just as shy as you think you so start the conversation and see how great that will turn out.

The real discomfort comes from sharing an intimate space like a bathroom with complete strangers, waking up to unfamiliar faces who want to chat first thing in the morning (Uhm NO don’t be that person). As much as I don’t like to admit it I am a very social person and love interacting with people but give me time to wake up and immerse myself in my thoughts.

Image above was my view from my window !!!!!!!!

Each cubicle has multiple plugging ports – Love that added bonus.

I would definitely recommend Hippo Pod Hostel – it’s brand new, has comfortable 3/4 beds, has a smart TV in each person’s cubicle (room), affordable – value for money, clean bathrooms, you have control over whether you keep your lights on or off inside your cubicle, nice shower temperature, housekeeping daily, sweet staff members almost as though they were all cut from the same cloth, location is close to everything in town making transport around the city cheap, close to banks, My city bus route. I paid R252 a night and was very comfortable – no regrets. Travel is a priority and I will search high and low until I find something I like and suits my budget.

The coolest thing that came out of Hippo Pod was bumping into one of my hostel mates in the club and how we both were so excited to see one another and kept hugging like we’ve known each other for years but had only ever spoken for less than 30minutes – lol.

What I hated: The lobby/entrance area – I was a little put off by it, I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting a doggy looking area in a corner where the doors are hardly functioning, at least there’s 24hour security.

4/5 Stars

My advice to you is to continue exploring who you are in travel as that makes every other travel-related decision easy to make. I desire to travel often, be financially stable and filled without unfathomable peace and this can only be achieved by following and getting to know myself through situations that I wouldn’t necessarily find myself in – My open mind is truly my blessing.

SOOOOOO that’s sometimes how I really afford to travel folks 🙂 also if you don’t care for new experiences that’s ok too.

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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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