5 natural hair Tips – For the transitioner

5 natural hair Tips – For the transitioner


5 Natural Hair Tips – for the transitioner 


About 2 and a half years ago, I decided to transition from relaxed hair and join the naturals’ gang. I transitioned without knowing much about natural hair and how to take care of it (which is kind of ironic, I mean we should know what’s happening with OUR natural hair). My hair always grew thick and long so I did not want to cut my hair mainly because I was too scared of the big chop, or what I’m going to look like without my hair (I love my hair erhmagahd ). So I decided just to stop using a relaxer and see my way through. Here are the tips I would give to anyone who wants to transition:


  1. Protective styling is your best friend. Honestly, it is the fastest way I grew my natural hair.


  1. Guard your hairline. So whatever style I decide to do, be it braids or cornrows, I’m very wary about my hairline so I NEVER do thin braids that could easily come out with my hair. Or hairstyles that pull your hair along the front. Also moisturize your hairline almost every day so hair follicles don’t get dry.


  1. 3. Cut off your split ends. When you stop using a relaxer, the relaxed part of your hair becomes very brittle and falls off easily so every time you are (changing braids), cut off a bit of the relaxed hair. If you don’t, your hair grows very uneven.

  1. Wash your hair frequently. I hate washday with all my life (it just takes so long), but it has to happen.  What I love about braids is washday goes waaaayyy faster than when I have my hair out. You may notice your braids start getting old quicker when you wash your hair frequently that just means your hair is growing sweetchix. I use Aunt Jackie’s shampoo, conditioner (when I have my hair out, I use the detangler too). And air dry. AVOID USING HEAT, it messes up the texture of your hair. I can’t stress that more. (If you’re worried about shrinkage there are many ways of stretching your hair without using heat).

  1. 5. Moisturize your hair. When I had relaxed hair, I never moisturized my hair, mainly because I just hated oily hair. But natural hair needs moisture so make sure you provide it, every day of your life!!! Even if it is just spraying it with water. What I use to moisturize is a concoction of natural oils, which I buy from Dischem. This includes Olive oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Argan oil, Grape seed oil, Tea tree oil, Almond oil, Coconut Oil. It really doesn’t have to be this many oils. Any oil that works for you, use it (I know some just survive with coconut oil). Also, when I have my hair out, while twisting before I sleep, I use shea butter to twist it in. This helps lock the moisture in the hair.


And basically SLAY. Natural hair is fun and it’s beautiful (if you take good care of it).






Linda Ngozwana


Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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