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Hey lovelies,

First and foremost thank you for stopping by to read my lifestyle blog.

My name is Cwayita (JOY) Bizana a 25-year-old Johannesburg based lifestyle blogger, foodie, traveller and vintage clothing finder. This is where I come to share my love for fashion, beauty, travel, wellness and the occasional love related topics. Hailing from the culture rich Eastern Cape KuTsolo in South Africa, I am a proud Xhosa woman who enjoys any kind of adventure. I’m a beautifully complex individual who is obsessed with the Bachelor/ette franchise.

With this blog I will be encompassing my true self as I try to uncover it – I started this platform because of my love for fashion and my belief in the individuality of every person through style. I have lived through many things but everything always takes me back to over indulging in fashion, beauty and everything lifestyle.

Thank you for riding with me as I continue pursuing my dreams and finding what I love as a full time life enjoyer.



For any business enquiries contact: Cbizanablog@gmail.com

Here you’ll find honest reviews, great tips and many many recommendations.

Happy browsing and stay blessed.