Bisquit Cognac and Parc Fermé

Bisquit Cognac and Parc Fermé

Parc Fermé x Bisquit Cognac

A lovely date night with my love courtesy of Parc Fermé restaurant and Bisquit cognac, a cognac which is found and made in the cognac region of France. The 6 course evening was much needed after a year of experiencing the same food everywhere we went for dinner, when I say the same I really mean food that is overrated, not worth the price and or bland. Not knowing what to expect I googled and was pretty excited to have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of such an informative evening filled with really amazing food. Personally, I have never had crispy deep fried spaghetti prawns, duck confit, crusted seared salmon, beef tenderloin, and mouth watering chocolate fondant dessert topped with unlimited rounds of quality cognac in one sitting so I felt blessed to say the least.

I’m just here enjoying the good life and you can too if you buckle up and continue journeying on with me, i’m taking you where others haven’t taken you before *wink*.

Cognac region in France

  • For a spirit to be called a Cognac it must be produced in the cognac region in France
  • 90% of the grape blend must be from Ugni Blanc grapes
  • Must be twice distilled in copper pot stills
  • Aged for at least two years in French oak barrels

There are different grades to Cognac according to how long it was aged before bottling

  • VS (very special) must be aged for a minimum of two years in the oak
  • VSOP (very special old pale) must be aged for a minimum of four years in the oak
  • XO (extra old) must be aged for a minimum of six years in the oak

(Cognac info taken from:

We were welcomed with VS Bisquit Cognac Cocktail with cucumber and ginger. VS is the one that is normally mixed in cocktails as it is full of fresh fruit aromas

I have a hunger for trying out new spots and this is the ONE people – very inviting. This lovely place is situated in the heart of Sandton the hub of sophistication and elegance, Parc Fermé is bringing back glamour into JHB restaurant / dining. Surprisingly amazing wifi too – ok maybe not surprisingly this is Sandton after all. The appeal of the place is how it looks in the evening and fully experiencing the beauty of the city, the main attraction is said to be the spaghetti prawn starter and I fully agree – wow I’m such a foodie.

The music made everything more enjoyable it’s the science to a better dining experience trust me.




I can’t remember the last time I dressed up and as much as I appreciate the ordinariness of my days it’s equally important to go out and enjoy a mouthwatering meal midweek which is paired with cognac.

That evening woke everything up inside of me no lies.

Kumnandi eSouth Africa.


After eating a 6 course meal and couldn’t stand up straight and my dress got a bit tight. Thank you for having us @parcfermejhb #bisquitcognac


If you’re in or around Sandton don’t forget to pop in

Dress code: Smart casual (keep it simple) Jeans and sandals are not advisable.

Open: 6am -11pm

Address: 8 Maude St, Sandton Central, Johannesburg, 2146

Tel: 011 245 4846

The only issue was my lack of knowing how to pronounce the name *LOL* ….overall, a terrific experience.


Thank you for reading.

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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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