27 South African Based Black Owned Businesses and Service Providers to support

South Africa

Good Day, Beautiful People of South Africa and the world at large – It has been a minute.

On today’s agenda, I will be enlisting a few of the black-owned businesses I absolutely love. These businesses have shown me that they are worth working with, listening to and spending all of my coins on and that is why they are at the forefront of this weeks blog post.

The list below includes the businesses and services I have personally experienced and had efficient service provided. I have received professionalism and an overall five-star experience. The customer service exceeded my expectations, and the products are what I keep restocking and keep as essentials. I would recommend them ten times over. I understand that this doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface of the number of businesses out there that are owned by black people but the list below has encouraged me to see that as a consumer I have a lot of power to change the world by being conscious in what I buy. I believe it is our duty to be intentional about who we support and continue to teach those who don’t meet our standard by giving feedback that will help them improve and make the necessary changes as that is the only way change can be enforced allowing our community to grow.

Ways one can support:

If you can’t support the businesses financially there are others of helping to uplift them firstly by recommending, sharing their page, connecting them to customers in their market, post positive comments, participate in their live chats, sharing your experience,  liking their posts on social media,  and that is all any small business is requesting. I personally have found a lot of fulfilment by keeping my coins in our community because small changes make a big difference.

Hair Care Products & Salons:


Skin Care:

I highly recommend their lemon brightening oil and their skin butter these items are the best glow up addition to your routine, I have not tried any of the other products.

Fashion / Apparel:

Tailors / Seamstresses:


(Yes she made this dress)

Fashion Designer

Travel Agencies:


I spent four nights at this impressive guest house for work and experienced a very comfortable stay.

Avalon Lodge East London

Legal, educational and other career resources:

she brigade


All Books available at Exclusive books

  • Lerato Mogoathle
  • The Lazy Makoti
  • Dijo

Food / Drinks:

online butchery



  • Katlego: Blaqjuice_photography
  • Katlego Ntloedibe – Email: katzntloedibe@gmail.com

south african businesses

Graphic Designers / Creative Agencies:

Black owned businesses


When the question of whether I would take my kids to the schools I went to was brought up I confidently said YES – definitely the Primary school I went to because some of the best years of my life were spent at this private boarding school in the Midlands Kwazulu Natal. In 2019 It was bought by a black investment group (EDINVEST SCHOOLS) and I couldn’t be happier with this development. The history of the school is worth researching – it was one of the first private boarding schools to accept black people in South Africa and has continued to treat us in a very empowering way throughout. The motto they stand by is QUANT JE PUIS which means, To the best of my ability. I can’t remember a time I haven’t done things to the best of my ability.

King's School Nottingham Road

I will continue to add to this list of businesses and categories as I continue my quest to support BLACK owned businesses. As consumers, we have the power to change the world.

Please don’t hesitate to share/comment below the ones you think I should support 🙂 Cheers to buying smart.



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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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