Kamva: Answers 8 Personal Style Questions and Shares What Inspires Her Day to Day Style


Kamva on her Thrifting Journey and more

Kamva (@kammva) as an architecture and design graduate, my know-how includes furniture design and fashion curating. I don’t consider myself a professional in those fields, just things I’m interested in. From quite a young age, I’ve always had my eyes on Rihanna and I used to copy Willow Smith’s looks a lot. as I grew up the internet then expanded & my interests shifted to other creatives and influencers who create looks that I desire.


1. How would you define your style? 

I would define my style as “90s urban” in Pinterest terms. Laid-back, vibrant colours and comfortable.

2. How has Thrifting helped you develop a sustainable way of shopping?

Thrifting has helped me develop a sustainable way of shopping by providing good quality affordable pieces. most (if not all) my denims are thrifted & I’ve never owned any better quality jeans.

3. What is in your winter closet that you think everyone should add to theirs?

In my winter closet, the knitted jersey is the one-piece everyone should add to theirs. Something I am not a fan of, in the winter season, is all the layering. This one light-weight item is very warm and easy to rock. Just throw matching sneakers and any colour bottoms and you’re good to go.

4. How and when did you make the decision to start thrifting? and what is your favourite part of going thrifting?

I made the decision to start thrifting in my first year. I was influenced by my friends & I am honestly grateful to have met people with the same interests as me. My favourite part about our thrift dates was obviously digging through the heaps of clothing & the Yamampela ice cream rewards after.





5. What is the one item of clothing that would make you happy if you lost everything?

If I lost everything, the one clothing item that would make me happy are denim jeans!

6. Who inspires your style and why?

I get my fashion inspiration from @stefneyv & @katlego.gordana . I just love how they play with colour and their taste in jewellery which are things I’m trying to polish in my style.

7. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?

The one thing that I think social media does for fashion is marketing! Creatives nowadays have a good platform to showcase their craft. Something else I have noticed is that it has expanded the modelling industry in big numbers.

8. What role do hair and makeup play when it comes to your overall aesthetic?

For me, hair and make-up play a huge role in you your overall aesthetic. Especially hair, it can make or break your outfit. Sometimes it can save you from a bad outfit. Make-up? not really, everyone has a pretty face. It’s nothing but a bonus.



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