Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg Zoo


Hey guys did I mention Neo and I went to visit the Johannesburg Zoo the other day? We actually cancelled our initial plans because I had a serious case of bronchitis and I couldn’t do any extreme activity, which was what we had planned. Anyway, i am better now and I thought our experience was worth mentioning. I find that animals have a way of restoring order in my life so the timing of this adventure was perfect.

“I woke up this morning, the sunshine was shining I put on my happy face. I’m living I’m able I’m breathing I’m grateful to put on my happy face.” 🎼🎤 

Happy Face by Destiny’s Child was my mood the whole day, to say I was happy would be an understatement though. This is one of my favorite feel good songs so I usually play it to pump myself up. This song fit the days aesthetic really well, I was happy, I felt extremely blessed to be experiencing life with someone I adore —> Ayikho into eyogqitha ukuba nomntu omthandayo. Enough with that :).

Going to the Johannesburg Zoo is a budget friendly activity, we were greeted by polite tour guides who happen to only assist group Zoo goers. We took those news like the rock stars we are and found our way around with assistance from the well placed notice boards and signs. I won’t lie it felt like a maze but that’s only because I’m not exactly good at following directions and understanding post signs. This was character building and exhausting at the same time but complaining wasn’t on the menu. There’s too much living to do.


We first spotted Flamongoes which looked pretty in pink, I find flamingoes really cute – ok ok I find anything pink cute. They filled their area which is enclosed with wooden logs with their beauty and posed like the beauties they are. I was facinated mainly by how they manage to hold their bodies up with such skinny legs – it just goes to show that certain things in life aren’t meant to be understood and one should just appreciate Gods creation as it is. They really made it a point to come flock around and just look beautiful, i’m in awe.


One of the best parts of the day was that not once did I feel like I was in busy Jo’burg. This zoo is good for someone who wants a hideout in the city. Jo’burg can be overwhelming at times so finding places that allow for inner growth and contribute to your happiness is really amazing. Sign me up for anything that brings me back to simple living and doesn’t disturb my peace. I literally felt like I was in my element, I usually go home to Eastern Cape to experience the peace this place brought me that day. It was really good to unplug from the busy city and connect with the animals at the Zoo even though I didn’t see the ones I was hoping to see like the lions. In the game of life you need to make sure you choose the places you go wisely, I make sure I do this now because snakes always find a way to ruin things.

We were disappointed at how hidden most of the animals were, I thought I would’ve been allowed to feed them, i guess our protection comes first. Neo said he would’ve rather watched National Geographic because at least the screen shows the animals in every angle, but no regrets being young and carefree is life. Never let life pass you by and always try to live life intentionally. The whole time all I could think about was remarkable summer 2017 is going to be.


Neo and I both love the outdoors and I am happy to have him as my partner in trying new things. Life should be lived and I really enjoy living it with this guy. To continue cultivating the relationship we make sure to try new things often, things we like of course, I think my face says it all, I’m really just enjoying my portion in life these days.

I really love that we are both big kids and everything we do we make sure to enjoy the hell out of it, you can only learn from living and embracing outside your norm. It was incredibly fun spotting the different animals that were there, I wouldn’t change anything. Dude, thanks for always being by my side. You know the saying ‘clear desires equal clear manifestations’ well yep we’ve adapted that and we literally express our desires within the relationship as transparently as possible its good to see the fruits manifest. This is just another positive part of my life, literally finding my balance in life and trying to build it on a solid foundation.

Top Tips:

  • Stay hydrated, buy 10 bottles of water if you have to because the walking is A LOT.
  • R50 for those with student cards and many other discounts are available.
  • Closes 17:30 but ticket sales close at 16:00.
  • Go there after having eaten a fulfilling meal, the shops available inside are expensive and have bland food – it’s a carb-loaded affair nje.
  • Comfortable shoes, you’ll thank yourself.
  • A Thick layer of sunscreen
  • A group / or someone you fully enjoy and who see the good in everything.


We ended the day off with drinks, wings and Pizza at Bowls at the Zoolake bowling club. What a lovely atmosphere – all House lovers will really have a ball there. A Fantastic Friday drinks spot, it’s a come for drinks and you end up staying for everything, longer than you anticipate type of place – We didn’t overstay though, after the dancing I knew 10 pm was a good time to head home which was the best decision for us. I love how we live in the era of video’s and photographs because now I’m just watching videos of Neo dancing his life away LOL.

I’m a sunsets in the summer with my love type of gal so I was pretty happy with the outside table we chose, it really afforded us the opportunity to watch it at every angle. If you’re looking to save a buck this is the place. I can’t remember the last time I had a ball on a budget in Johannesburg, the cost of having fun is too much (cries in ukuthanda izinto).



Dressing for a two part day:

I went for a black and white look which Neo copied me *LOL* My pants are from Pull and bear and they offer endless outfit possibilities. This is my second pair like this and the first pair I bought from Cotton On in 2012. A black and white ensemble screams effortless and clean. I feel its one of those easier wardrobe looks which are easy to pull off and are readily available at all clothing stores and if not that store is not worth trusting.

The T-shirt I am wearing is so liberating it reminds me of how much I appreciate freeing the nipple and how fun it is being a woman, it’s from Missguided. I am so glad my platform sneaker from the Only brand on Superbalist finally fit me and aren’t painful anymore. The first time I wore them I was so miserable and the discomfort was unbearable.

My backpack is my adventure companion it can do no wrong in my eye, mainly because when I go on any adventure I am seeking versatility from any item I choose. Its big enough to fit all my essentials in and small enough to look fashionable so I appreciate that. For the Zoo comfortable shoes are a must, the only thing that was missing was a cap, I say this because our weather conditions in our African land can be harsh.

Comfort is key.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section.


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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana


  1. Sinoyolo
    September 24, 2017 / 5:37 am

    I absolutely enjoyed it lover✌

    • admin
      September 24, 2017 / 9:03 am

      More to come 🙋🏾🙋🏾🙋🏾 Thank you for reading xxx

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