17 Black Travel Content Creators On The African Continent You Should Be Following

Black Travel Content Creators

Today I am sharing some of my favourite black travel content creators who are based in Africa in no particular order. Each of them bring something very special to the travel content creation table. Their social media and the way they share their travel stories will leave you dreaming of places you’ve never heard of. YES I am highly influenced, and I think you will too once you visit their platforms and engage with their work. I don’t believe Africa has been documented as bravely and beautifully as each of them continue to prove. The pandemic has unimaginably dampened the tourism industry, and each of these creators work has made a difference in helping uplift the industry in Africa.


1. Tina Haulyondjamba

She was named the Namibian 2020 Tourist of the Year and writes for her very informative  Travel Blog. I fell in love with her authenticity and love for her beautiful country Namibia. She continues to wow me with the quality of her content. She always has a travel deal to share, and someone who believes that sharing is caring deserves to be on this list.


2. Senzelwe Mthembu

This is one person who has a genuine love for Africa, and for that she has my heart. Her Instagram page tells a beautiful story of how alluring the continent is & finds beauty in every place she visits. She has a way with her words that make you want to experience every place she has ever visited. I love the effort she puts into every piece of content – every caption is always well thought out, an authentic influencer. Follow her, and you won’t regret it.



3. Thobi Rose Mthembu

I met her in 2016 and fell in love with her bubbly personality that you see translate through her content on her  Youtube channel, where she showcases her appreciation for travel. She connects organically with her tribe (as she calls her followers) because she has really come into her own and is unapologetic about who she is in the travel space. Her authentic growth on social media is one that has been beautiful to watch because she remains consistent. How many people do you know can say they’ve visited Togo? Well Thobi is part of those people who have.


4. Ms Lelo

From blogger to Podcaster (ChicaTravelPodcast), Ms Lelo is no stranger to documenting the colourfulness of each destinations she visits. If she isn’t along the beaches of Mozambique, she is in Lamu taking it all in. I would take her advice on a place instantly – I trust her candid reviews. Her fashion choices always add to the content’s value – I highly recommend consulting Ms Lelo’s IG before beginning to pack for your trip. This proud African is verified on Instagram that tells you everything you need to know about her content quality.

5. Twinfluencers

Why have one when you can have two, this duo is killing the travel space by showcasing Namibia in a way I have never seen it be documented before. They make sure they break down the details of every destination they step foot on, making sure you have the urge to click BOOK at each of the luxury lodges they visit. I can’t wait to go back to the posts I have bookmarked Post-COVID It’s the way they pay attention to detail for me.

6. Dineo Zonke

Dineo has travelled solo to over 30 countries and specialises in showcasing her home province of Mpumalanga in South Africa. She successfully hosted her first group trip this past December, which I imagine wasn’t easy to pull off, especially during a pandemic so well done girl. She has a self-titled travel blog, but most of her outstanding content comes from her daily Instagram posts. She has slept in hotels, hostels, Airbnb, and she is not phased by all the gimmicks and expensive price tags on some of the accommodations – I love her for that.

7. MadamAfrika

Where do I even begin to describe the traveller that is West Africa expert Lerato? If you want to know someone who has risked it all for travel this is her – follow Lerato She tells a very relatable and funny story of her travels through Africa on ‘faith’  – I won’t spoil her very well written book Vagabond for you. The one thing to note about Lerato are her signature printed dresses which tell an additional story to the one she tells us through her content. I love love love her and can’t wait to ask her the many questions I have 🙂 My connection with her is her appreciation for the Eastern Cape (Wild Coast)

8. Gophari

“Exploring South Africa and equipping others to do the same has since been my joy” – writes Fari

When does she get the time off her day to day job to travel, you ask? Well she makes the time. This chemical engineer, travel writer and Entrepreneur is a trailblazer in content curation – she explores South Africa like no one I know. She has a love for Mauritius, so I have many reasons to love her. It’s her smile in all of her travel images that have stolen my heart. Her images always leave you plugged into her travel writing. It’s in your best interest to visit her successful travel blog


9. Adv Kutlwano Motla AKA —> The Boujee Traveller

Kutlwano takes travelling ‘soft’ to another level.  She is no stranger to the finer things in life, if she isn’t flying first or business class, she is staying in the most lavish hotels worldwide. One thing about Kutlwano is that she has visited every place on your bucket list. She really normalised luxury travel for me a black South African woman. Maldives, Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Monaco, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Nice, Paris, New York, Miami, Cape Town are all some of the places she has travelled to. She is no stranger to showing us how parties blow up on the shores of Ibiza whilst indulging in her favourite drink Vueve Rich hahaha.

10. WOV3NN

Wov3nn has an esthetically-pleasing and picturesque way of showcasing her travels within her border Namibia. I am always eager to learn more about African cultures, and she does a great job of describing the richness of Wamboland. She tells a really honest story about her life and culture on here youtube channel. She was one of my very first Namibian black travel creators discoveries when I was preparing my very first visit to Namibia. Her content really put me at ease and helped me overcome my fear of the worst happening.


11. Lahya Ndapanda Haininga

A Graceful & witty lady who doesn’t shy away from showing us how far the Namibian Dollar can stretch. She isn’t a stranger to having her IG pictures floating on international travel pages – how great. She runs her travel consulting agency Ndapanda Consultancy unpacked the price of her holiday to Zanzibar, and I was left with no choice but to make that booking, but COVID hit. I am just trying to show you her level of influence on me. This writer, wine collector is one to look out for.

12. Lerato Lefafa

The queen of embarking on cool adventures, this culture specialist is someone who finds delight in sharing her pretty destinations and in her words – “Good Things Come To Those Who Share Information Freely.” She has combined her love for wellness and travel seamlessly into her brand. Lerato doesn’t shy away from reposting other travel creators on her platform and that for me makes her someone to appreciate in this space.


13. Dakalo

Ready, set, travel is part of her brand. Curating trips for groups and individuals through her agency Dalani Travel is something she does effortlessly and offers extensive information on what each trip entails leaving no stone unturned. She is also a civil engineer who enjoys exploring locally and takes us to destinations off the beaten track. She says, “stay in an all-inclusive beach resort so that the bulk of your trip is pre-paid before your holiday, and if you can, travel in groups so that the costs are split.” You don’t see the value of this advice until your out in the wild.

black content creator

14. Refiloe Thee  Tourist

Founder of Black Trotters Africa Leisure and Corporate trip advisor. Refiloe has been to 85 countries, but who is counting right? LOL one can dream. As we speak, she is soaking up the Zanzibar sun. Her and her team offer luxury and are offering a trip to the Maldives for R76000 per couple – she is at the top of my list of travel agencies in South Africa.

travel content creator

15. Justrioba

Her enthusiasm when it comes to how she portrays Africa more so Kenya her home base is exciting. She has girls group trips to Mt Kenya, Diani, Lamu and Kilimanjaro in July. I am sure I am not the only ones whose wanderlust is fueled by her content – She is why I cannot wait to explore Uganda. See her blog posts here

16. Lee Litumbe (Spiritedpursuit)

Dreamy, that’s the only real way to describe Cameroonian born Lee’s content and travel destinations. She has climbed the dunes of Namibia and sailed the blue seas of Zanzibar & Mozambique. She has basked in the golden coast of Senegal where she is currently based. She is one person who eats, sleeps, and breathes travel. She has informative travel content on her blog Spirited Pursuit She made swimming with turtles in East Africa cool. She is selling itineraries to any and everyone who wishes to explore Africa the way she has.

17. Bonnie Kamona

If you want to see Botswana through the eyes of someone who has an eye for detail this  Passport to Experiences founder and Botswana based travel content creator Bonnie is one to follow. She is a creator who risks it all for the perfect travel shot, you’ll see most of her content contains her in the wild a spotting linen shirt, sun hat and linen shorts. She is definitely the caption queen on Instagram and one that stood out to me was “to the pursuit of peace, profit & purpose” and another one went like this, “A cup full of coffee and a heart full of hope.” A necessary gem in our African travel space.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. I personally can’t get enough of black African women.



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Cwayita Bizana

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