April Challenge: How I managed to see the good in every single day.

April Challenge: How I managed to see the good in every single day.

Hello Beautiful people! 

This blog post is about a challenge I did this past April. The challenge was to enlist all the Blessings and to see the good in each day. I did this because I promised myself to never again fall into the trap of taking life for granted, for not treasuring everyday and the people who make it worth living. I promised myself to continue building healthy habits and living a wholesome life so this list did wonders for my overall wellness #SELFCARE. April represented a new season for me it gave me a closer view to the bigger picture and showed me how God is reiterating the words ‘I set you apart.’ Today I am happy to share that the challenge was completed successfully. Don’t get me wrong not everyday was smooth sailing but what counts is the fact that I managed to see the good in each day.



“Sometimes the smallest celebrations are the most meaningful. It’s the little wins, the quiet cheers that give us hope for tomorrow.”

In April I ate well / laughed / meet new people / started a new job / loved / I was happy / left my comfort zone and felt beautiful. April brought a sense of belief in myself that is inexplainable. It showed me that I am truly in charge of my own life and I should be very proud of myself. I’m constantly evaluating and observing my life and that’s my form of self-love. On very few occasions I found myself thinking negative thoughts and when I did I was able to snap out of that swiftly. SO Ladies and gentlemen that is the person I want to be.

April was really really good to me. This challenge was really good to me because every time I felt like I’m not doing enough I would go back to this list and I would be reminded of my own greatness. I’m really loving the fact that sometimes my nails are chipped, my hair is flaky, my eyebrow never match and that my belly isn’t flat, that money isn’t always available (The numbers don’t add up) but my happiness still existed and I saw past all of that because there’s more to life. I fully committed to creating my own life wholeheartedly by making changes that benefited me and the people around me.

01.04.18 Slept in my granny’s arms before heading to JHB from Home. An amazing skin care brand that is growing by the day contacted me regarding a future partnership, being considered is very encouraging. 

01.04.18 Traveled to JHB from Tsolo SAFELY 

02.04.18 Snyzas Birthday which was another reminder why I Love Black women and why I’m proud to be black // Also shaved my legs and that’s always a lovely experience.

03.04.18 I Won tickets to fashion week Day 3☺ My first ever SAFW how sway.

04.04.18 Job interview second round – Call back & Campaign confirmation YEY me.

05.04.18 Entertainment ZA made my day – I don’t know what’s cooking but their message got me excited // I rose up to the occasion and put out a blog post.

06.04.18 Sleepover with friends  // Neo ❤ his presence puts me at ease – I’m truly blessed to have such a reliable partner // Went Thrifting with Linda in JHB CBD for the first time – bought amazing timeless items. I got the call about the JOB..I got the JOB. Praise GOD. 

07.04.18 Spending the weekend with family ❤  and packing for Entle’s Europe trip. Exciting times.  

08.04.18 New blog post, these always make me appreciate and remember my WHY // Took Entle to the airport and the vibes at the airport had me planning a trip for myself. Motivation

09.04.18 Got the job official letter and contract. It feels surreal. Grateful. Nirmala Skin Care changed my skin for the better.

10.04.18 Weather was great and had fun with family and found a reliable company (agents) for my abroad work interests  // No electricity at home but I survived

11.04.18 Watched all my fav shows and was happy, ate healthy  huge highlight of the day // did facemasks // Dermatologica invitation I love skin care events + // signed job contract // Rain 

12.04.18 Indescribable experience at my very first SA fashion week & im extremely blessed // met mmusomaxwell 

13.04.18 Bounce essentials phone call made my day. Happy camper.

14:04.19  Lessons in communication and conflict …I came out alive. 

15.04.18 Tried new restaurant with my love Saigon Suzy on Jan Smuts and had ice-cream any Paul’s Homemade & Did inner work // Felt inspired by Beyoncé // Danced in the rain ☔ 

16:04.18 First day at work. I love my colleagues // My boss is Lit // ate a really nice beef sandwich 

17.04.18 Extremely intense day of training at work. I’m ready and grateful. Challenges and all. 

18.04.18 Home early form work today 13:00 – more time to rest. Grateful 

19.04.18 Patience – with people with myself another vital life lesson // I thought about eating healthy that’s a plus 

20.04.18 Today I said NO without feeling bad. I was honest and explained fully my situation. No anxiety. No stress. My No was received well. I had fresh zinger wings + House of Mandela wine + Charcoal face mask 

21.04.18 Took pictures and recognized my beauty. I looked beautiful, this was done during sunset 🙌🏾 may fav part of any day – reminded me of summer my fav season 

22.04.18 Great smoothie and successful book club meeting all after enjoying music during sunrise // Felt at peace 

23.04.18 Grateful for wonderful weather 👌🏾 Sun is OUT, I met a really nice person who bought me pizza 😭😭😭 finally finding the balance between everything I’ve chosen to be involved in. Not feeling drained 

24.04.18 Felt like I was getting the hang of things at work. Fully understanding the systems. The righteous will not be forsaken. I’m becoming a wolf. God is good 

25.04.18 Matthew 7:7-8 // had the juiciest burger // stopped feeling like I’m floating – for once I feel like I’m in the right place doing the right thing // reminded me of Sophia Amoruso’s statement that, ‘there are secret opportunities in every failure’ 

26.04.18 I made an effort to look GOOD at work. I did my first fitting at work and learnt a lot about the universe and how you should go about manifesting what you want. It was a warm Autumn 🍂 morning and it was indeed an, “Are you going to cry or boss up type of day and I chose both,”… crying is healthy. On the bright side – I’m aware of my emotions. I learnt that it’s hard surviving without money.

27.04.18 SA Freedom Day 🙏🏾 I finally braided my hair today I’ve been meaning to for 5 months lol. And received the gift of reliability from everyone.


28.04.18 Yummy Korean bbq and the best day with my love ❤ really great … our foundation doesn’t change even when our circumstances do. When love at first sight goes right, LOL. I received a really thoughtful gift unexpectedly from my love ❤ I’m here for someone who understands love languages 


29.04.18  Full Moon blues // Enjoyed a lovely new restaurant with a dear friend of mine called Full Stop Cafe … Neo introduced me to new music Jkf – Vibing out

30.04.18 I bought boots that had R250 off that really made me happy. All in all God Heals / God Restores / God redeems. I feel like my mental health is booming and that is my biggest and most cherished blessing.  My personal goals are being achieved. I make myself happy and most importantly I’m at peace.

Changing lives one page at a time….


I feel incredibly blessed to be able to see the good in each day. As we go into MAY be mindful and see the good in each day because there’s always something to be grateful for, that was my biggest lesson this passed month. I did everything I wanted to do key word being I. For once I feel confident about my decisions with no sense of uncertainty or self pity.

Do join the monthly challenge it’s a game changer and a whole mind shifter. Happiness is not outside of us which is what I discovered and experienced fully. Everyday I’m learning that I’m made of layers and that I should always do better than is required. I’m addicted to the feeling of being in control of my life. Some super big and some super insignificant blessings but that’s what life is about. basically that, small acts can have big impacts and that I’m responsible for my own happiness, God is always on time.

In the month of MAY I want to learn how to RELAX, to just breathe.

I hope your long weekend was everything you had hoped for…AND remember people only love you when you’re average so do everything for YOU.



Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana


  1. Nothando
    May 3, 2018 / 7:33 pm


  2. Tetelo
    May 4, 2018 / 6:11 am

    Loved reading this post. I just love this blog. gona challenge myself to see the good in everyday too.

  3. Snyza
    May 4, 2018 / 8:54 am

    Enjoyed this post so much… may u experience more love, joy, blessings and life changing experiences in the month of May, Cwai. God bless xo

  4. Duma
    May 4, 2018 / 8:57 am

    Heads up…Illumination..

  5. Molebogeng
    May 24, 2018 / 9:41 pm

    One of my favourite posts to date. It’s so beautiful.

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