The skin care routine that brought back my radiant glowing skin + Products

The skin care routine that brought back my radiant glowing skin + Products

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Today’s post is indeed about my skincare routine and for some, I might not be telling you anything new but here goes. Now I know how sensitive the topic of skin may be therefore this is not me saying I have the answers it’s me sharing what I have done to ensure I returned to clear skin with a glow that’s to die for, in my eyes at least. 2018 continues to be about cultivating confidence and one of the ways I believe I’m achieving this is by making skincare a priority.

 Growing up playing sports and loving the outdoors meant that my skin developed a lot of undesired problems which of course I was unaware of. Problems that came from exposure from pollution, sun, wind, touching my face, sleep deprivation, stress, a dirty pillowcase and a diet that was not fully balanced. From the age of sixteen, the only product my skin knew was Cuticura (I can’t be the only one) since then I have added five more products to my skincare routine and dropped the Cuticura.

From eating food rich in sugar and avoiding the recommended daily water intake my skin wasn’t too great. My stress levels have been super high the past four years, that too contributed to my skin issues. Experts say that stress and flawless skin cannot coexist, but so we are clear, I have never had acne just hormonal breakouts and other issues that never really needed a dermatologist, just a change of lifestyle. Yes, genetics have played a huge role in ensuring my skin is not too problematic but the twenty-three-year-old me now knows that I have to look for ways to maintain and improve the quality of my skin – Life is long but short if you know what I mean. Every day I am learning that when it comes to beauty one can always improve their already impressive overall appearance by making little changes in their daily routine but to remember to always keep it simple.

My main skin problems were:

  • Dark circles and bags under my eyes
  • Butterfly rash
  • Blemishes / Dry patches
  • Looking dull and ashy
  • Forehead rash (Textured skin)
  • Dullness
  • uneven skin tone
  • Discolouration

First things first:

My skin type is NORMAL. I deem myself super lucky because this is the least problematic skin type. I basically only need a good cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen, plus face masks to remove any deep-rooted dirt.

Determining your skin type:

  1. Wash your face and gently pat dry
  2. Leave your face for a few hours without putting any makeup/product on
  3. Using oil blotting paper – dab on one area of the face at a time
  4. Look at the paper to see which areas leave an oily residue on the paper (if any)
  5. The nose and the forehead are naturally a little oily

(Do your skin type test here:

DISCLAIMER: Below is my routine, it is not for everyone, this is just how I care for my skin.

The routine and products

Cleanser: Pond’s which gently eliminates impurities. I use lukewarm water whilst cleansing anything other than that may be damaging to the skin.

Exfoliate / Face Mask: I use the Nirmala essentials face masks

Helps remove black/whiteheads and scrub the dead skin allowing that glow and a soft texture to my skin // I use it twice a week.


Toner: I use Apple Cider Vinegar see how I use it here

Moisturize: Environ Mild Day Cream

Sunscreen:  Nivea moisturizing  sun lotion

Night cream: Clarins restorative and the brightening night creams.

Drying: Pat Dry with a clean towel.

When I start a new skincare routine I always give it around three weeks so my skin can get used to the changes I have made and while most people will say that’s too long I believe that this leaves me more confident to never return to that product or routine. Don’t stop using your new products immediately unless it gives you a sore or your skin becomes red. I’m currently happy with my skin and this is a result of consistency. Consistency with my leafy greens diet, drinking lemon water, and my daily skincare routine.

Let me know whether this information was helpful or not. 



Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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