Akhona Maldaka: Our Fashion Friend of The Week

akhona maldaka

Who is Akhona Maldaka ?

Akhona Maldaka is a 23-year-old Port Elizabeth based fashion content creator and visual art student. She’s an avid thrifter and has pretty much-loved clothes her whole life.

Where do you find your creative inspiration from?

My creative inspiration comes from everything, from your regular joes walking down the street to the amazing fellow creators on IG and Pinterest.

akhona maldaka

When do you feel most confident?

I feel most confident when I know my outfit is banging. You know, when you turn a few heads and get some stares and whispers, that’s when you know you, ATE!

What would someone never guess is in your wardrobe?

A leather blazer that is older than I am that my dad used to wear when he was a ‘krwala’. It’s so funny how leather blazers are so trendy at the moment too.

Take us through your process of picking an outfit?

My foundation is always a good basic, whether it be jeans or a plain pair of pants. From there, I decide whether I want to keep it basic by pairing it with a t-shirt or I want to dress it up a little. Accessories are also essential, especially when wearing an effortless outfit.

What’s your earliest memory of thrifting?

My earliest memory of thrifting would be back in primary school. My mom and I used to go every week to see what treasures we could find. Some of my favourite pieces in my closet are thrifted.

Any thrifting tips?

My best thrifting tips would be to dress comfortably when going, as most thrift stores don’t have to change rooms, always take cash, look at every single item in the shop because you never know what is hiding and don’t be afraid to thrift flip.

What are your hopes for the fashion industry?

My hopes for the fashion industry would be to become more conscious of our environment and that these big corporations actually pay their workers a living wage.

Who is your style icon?

I actually have quite a few style icons. I like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Rihanna, but to mention a few.

How old is the oldest item of clothing you own, and where was it purchased?

The oldest item I own is a vintage bag about 40 years old that I thrifted when I was living in New York.
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