3 Fun Quarantine Birthday Ideas Under Lockdown

3 Fun Quarantine Birthday Ideas Under Lockdown

Quarantine Birthday

Birthdays are what most of us consider a big life moment, rightfully so. As someone who loves any form of celebration that includes a lot of interaction with my loved ones, and lots of food the coronavirus pandemic has really left a sour taste in my mouth because a quarantine birthday is the last thing I imagined experiencing.

I never imagined not being able to host a boozy brunch with my loved ones or taking a flight out chasing summer sipping cocktails for my birthday this year. I had a solid plan and all that was left was the execution on the 28th of July but now we are knee-deep in lockdown, restaurants have restrictions, we have a curfew, alcohol is banned, our borders are closed indefinitely so being extra creative about my day was the only way forward.  I thought I would share the three things that really helped with celebrating my 26th Birthday and made it memorable under the circumstances.

quarantine LOL NO I’M NOT 62 YEARS OLD.


I took this opportunity to throw on a slip dress, put on some makeup and dance to my favourite jams. Dressing up does something to one’s mood, it amplifies any positive emotions you might have. I wore a dress I had purchased just before the lockdown in March and my Birthday was the perfect day to strut in it. Slipping this dress on added a different layer to my day, a layer which staying in loungewear or pyjamas wouldn’t have had.


Next on my list was to COOK up a storm. My family made sure to bake me my favourite scones, make me one of my favourite red meat dishes, have cake slices in different flavours (Chocolate, carrot, cheesecake) from Chateau Gateaux I definitely shed a tear. My cup was never empty with variations of juices and a newly discovered rooibos tea & Buchu to end off the night. I told them to make sure I had leftovers for another three days. I had also promised to learn how to bake and make foods to add on to the list of edibles that were on my menu but I realised that was unnecessary pressure.


Lastly, and most importantly prioritising self-care. In the form of listening to your favourite music, buying yourself flowers, lighting up scented candles while you take a relaxing bath, watching your favourite movies, manifesting the year ahead, looking for more ways to enhance your life. The one lesson I have learnt is to never stop living waiting for the perfect scenario. Be happy, be grateful and that’s enough sometimes. This year has been painful for all of humanity but I have chosen to describe it as the world being revived and a whole lot of unforeseen awesomeness.

26th birthday ideas

Next year I manifest that I will be loved up on a beach sipping champagne and eating my heart out – ‘Princess treatment or nothing’ needs to come in to play. I sincerely hope the universe is listening.

Wishing you all mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual growth and progress for the rest of this silly year. Thank you for reading.


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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana


  1. Asekho
    August 13, 2020 / 10:16 am

    Look, self-care is right up there with breathing! Definitely taking this into account for my birthday coming up.

    • Cwayita Bizana
      August 13, 2020 / 11:27 am

      Birthdays deserve to be celebrated, sis. I’m glad this post helped.

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