Thrifted Street Style with Content Creator, DJ and Stylist: Likhona Xotyeni

Thrifted Street Style with Content Creator,  DJ and Stylist: Likhona Xotyeni

Who is Likhona Xotyeni?

Likhona Xotyeni is South African based multidisciplinary creative. Born and raised in East London, currently based in Johannesburg- studying Bcom Accounting. Likhona is a folk of many talents from styling, to deejaying to dancing.

thrifted street style

Where do you find your creative inspiration from?

My sources for my creative inspiration come from many places. More than anything, it depends on what’s required of me creatively – for example, if I need styling inspiration, I could go from mood boarding on Pinterest to watching music videos for style ideas. Still, most of all, I find creative inspiration from everything around me.


In what item of clothing do you feel most confident in?

A good pair of adequately heeled boots. There’s something about wearing heeled boots that makes me feel like I can conquer the world and achieve anything- even though they can be very uncomfortable sometimes.


What would someone never guess is in your wardrobe?

I still own onesies

Take us through your process of picking an outfit?

I believe that everything is cosplay. With that being said, when I wake up, I always choose who do I want to be on that specific day, and my wardrobe for the day should encompass that. Upon that, I decide what style I feel will represent me on that specific day/occasion – chic, street style etc. Factors like the weather are never my main priority when choosing an outfit.

What’s your earliest memory of thrifting? And any thrifting tips?

My earliest memory of thrifting is my mom taking my sister and me to Coat King, a thrift store in my hometown, East London, and if I remember correctly, she bought me a multicoloured jacket.


Remember that it’s second-hand clothing, so there will be little stains and smells on the clothes. Have an idea of what you’re looking but never limit yourself to that concept because you can literally find anything and everything with thrifting.


What are your hopes for the fashion industry?

As much as the narrative of “inclusivity” is being pushed – it’s not being done enough. More than anything, the future of fashion should head towards a direction where everyone is represented. There is little representation in the fashion industry, and I want the industry to unpack this and change it.


Who is your style icon?

My first ever style icon before anyone else has to be my mom. I wouldn’t know fashion the way I know it if it wasn’t for her. She knows how to keep a look clean and polished, and she knows how to dress for any occasion, but if we’re talking established people within fashion, then it has to be Rihanna and Margaret Zhang.


How old is the oldest item of clothing you own, and where was it purchased?

I think it has to be my denim bucket hat, my mom bought it for me in 2003/2004, and it was huge on me – she purchased it at Woolworths.


What fashion trend is your favourite?

I’ve been really enjoying how the girls have been doing all brown looks lately, and I’m seeing the platform shoe trend resurfacing again, and I always will enjoy a good platform shoe.


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