The importance of Community Work in Our Ever Changing World With Tetelo Mashishi (Admitted Attorney & Community Fundraiser)

The importance of Community Work in Our Ever Changing World With Tetelo Mashishi (Admitted Attorney & Community Fundraiser)


  • Tell us more about the community work & initiatives you have run over the course of the past 6 months? 

I’ve run 2 initiatives in the past 6 months. The first initiative was my “Celebrate a Baby” initiative. This initiative was aimed at raising funds to buy essential baby items for moms and their babies born on the same day as me, 17 December. The initiative ran from August to December and I raised R20,000. This allowed me to put together 27 baby packs. The packs included bathtime essentials, disposable nappies, wipes, bum cream and some baby clothes.  My second initiative was the “Shoes for School Shoes” initiative. This initiative was meant to be a kind of a shoe swap where people donated their pre-loved shoes, I sell them and use the proceeds for school shoes. It didn’t quite work, so I had to explore a different way of fundraising. I decided to sell toothpaste and used all the proceeds for school shoes. Some people also donated and I was able to raise enough money to buy 16 pairs of school shoes. 

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  • What has been the most rewarding part of this work? 

I think of my work as serving other people and just being of service to others is really the most rewarding part. I also learn a lot about myself through the initiatives and that’s also a reward for me. 

  • Has this in any way changed the way you view your life’s purpose? 

Yes, it absolutely has. I understand now that my purpose is service. I am meant to serve people and that can be in a lot of different ways. But in this season of my life, serving people means going out there and trying to raise funds and assist where I can. 

  • When do you feel most powerful? 

When I am with people I feel safe with and all of me is welcome in that space. 


  • How can we do better as a nation? 

I think if we all did something small, our small acts will eventually lead to something big. So, if everyone tried to serve others whether through giving of time, money, skill, or actually anything they have to give we would all benefit as a nation. I also think that as long as people are trying their best to live in a community and treat people as they want to be treated then we might also be fine. 

  • Did you choose the projects you focused on because you think we are facing a national issue in those departments?

To be honest I chose my initiatives based on the needs of the community I live in. I tried to serve the people in my community as best as I can. 

  • How can one donate to your projects? 

If you are keen to donate or get involved, please email me at I’m currently planning for my next project which entails renovating the paediatric ward at my local hospital ad would appreciate any assistance people have to offer.

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