Possum on 6 Burnside Avenue

Possum on 6 Burnside Avenue

‘Food embroidered by imagination’

Happy Monday everyone

Yesterday I had an insane Sunday lunch experience, recommended by a good retired civilian who expressed that that’s where him and his wife of 45 years go to enjoy a wholesome meal on Sundays. He mentioned that it was a bit pricey but worth it and I couldn’t agree more. We were lucky enough to have gone when the sun was still shining and I can safely say that that was a great indication of where one should go, to kick off spring lunches.

If you’re looking for an amazing scenic restuarant that plays live music, has a wine and cocktail list that’s to die for. In addition praiseworthy service, who know their menu REALLY WELL and make very suitable recommendations – if you checked off all of the above then this is the perfect spot for you. The entire staff was passing  positive vibes and they definitely rubbed off on us –  this therefore is the perfect place to go before starting a new week.

The menu has a selection of dishes which consist of either pork, lamb, beef and chicken. Neo and I really enjoyed his cheese, and onion stuffed pork fillet and my chicken livers paired with the Possum Sunrise a rather strong cocktail. And Grandma’s Pie as dessert.

Located in Craighall Park a friendly Johannesburg Suburb, near The Valley Centre on Jan Smuts and opens every Tuesday to Sunday. A hidden gem indeed.

The décor incorporates both antique and modern style furniture and the gardens and restroom are an extension of the beauty of the place.

Good food, sunny Sunday afternoon, live music, and cocktails = winning combination. I enjoyed everything. If you decide to go there and you’re disappointed I can assure you that it was not their intention. This place was fearfully and wonderfully made.

Im In love with days that bring me inner peace.

To avoid any disappointments book prior to arrival:

website: Www.possumsonburnside.com

Tell: 0113263970

Email: Possumsonburnside@gmail.com


The dress code is very laid back and casual. What this means is that you can go there looking informal, you can wear anything that you’d normally wear daily. I think jeans are a great piece to wear paired with comfortable shoes as an accessory – since it’s still chilly and Spring hasn’t fully graced us with its presence, a light long sleeve Shirt does the job too. Jeans, a white pair of sneaker and a T-shirt are the casual uniform though – personally there’s nothing I love more than being comfortable whilst eating.


Full time Life enjoyer.

Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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