Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

Good afternoon lovers

On the 6th of August, we were celebrating my friend’s 23rd Birthday at Neighbourgoods market and later went to Rockets Lolita’s in Parkhurst, which I have to go back and experience on a warmer evening. When was the last time you went to Neighbourgood Market? 2 years ago? Well Yeah, me too. To say I was glad would be an understatement since I had been thinking about going this whole year. I found it fitting to post about that day.

I highly recommend this market and vibe on a Saturday if you’re looking for outdoor entertainment. It’s a pleasant place to go hang out with people whose company you enjoy. I have an appreciation for places that allow you to express yourself and to be fully comfortable and safe in your surroundings. Everyone there had this carefree optimism, and I am about that life. If you’re into selfies, then the rooftop area is the best place to hang for only the best outcome. Trust me you won’t be disappointed – Don’t forget your sunglasses and lipstick now.  Oh, look out for the Neighbourgoods Sign at the entrance you cant say you went there if you don’t take squad pictures under the sign and for that Neighbourgoods is something I can never turn down. #LifeIsGood


When I moved to Johannesburg from eastern Cape in 2013, this was the first place I visited and to see it still flourishing was heartwarming. After all, this is where conversations about the life we dream of began, plus there’s nothing like celebrating someone’s life. Birthdays are always a reminder that what is coming is better than what is gone. Happy birthday Nkagi (again), I am so excited to see you visualize the things that you want, to see you work for the things that you wish for, to see you believe in the things that you want and to see you building every day and always letting your grind speak for itself. Shine mama.

The versatility in how one can dress to Neighbourgoods market is fantastic because it eliminates how limiting some places make outfit ideas. I am one who expresses herself through her style, so to see so many other people do the same is pretty cool. Neighbourgoods market is the place to go if you want variety and ideas for an outfit roundup for the week ahead. It’s a place to remember that when it comes to clothing, it is about how you style it. I would advise against wearing high heels; I don’t think they’re functional if need be a short block heel does the job. What you don’t want is to be uncomfortable, mainly because there aren’t enough places to sit when you need to relax your legs.




Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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