Reading books, serving looks, learning and empowering with the Blazer Dress and 1 other accessory we all need to have to add to a great look

Reading books, serving looks, learning and empowering with the Blazer Dress and 1 other accessory we all need to have to add to a great look

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Blazer Dress

Today we are discussing the blazer dress, picking up from February’s Beret chat on whether or not you’re taking part in the trends I’ve invested in. Autumn is upon us and this might be the last week we can fully show off our summer fits without needing extra layers of clothing. I have always observed fashion as a way of defining who I want to be in the world and the blazer dress is a great extension of me. Most of the women I look up to when it comes to fashion are women who embody success the way I hope to achieve it.

I have never been defined by my style but I always dreamed of being mentioned when one spoke about style. Without being too long let’s get back to the blazer dress and the accessories that compliment this whole look.

I have always observed fashion as a way of reintroducing oneself, as a way of being memorable and as a way of building and further expressing confidence whilst letting loose. Following trends, whichever you choose, is a way of tacitly agreeing to be a part of a world that is full of fun and extreme adventure and spontaneity which is my type of scene and can feel like a rollercoaster at times. All of the above pretty much sums up how I feel when I wear a Blazer Dress and style it with accessories that are just as bold as it is.

The Blazer dress

Everyone always talks about wearing items of clothing that suits your body, my thoughts when it comes to that idea are that that’s unfair and very restrictive but I understand both sides of the argument. When it comes to the blazer dress I believe this item was made for everyone because of the different styles it has been developed in. I have always resorted to more edgier looks when it comes to styling myself because I am the biggest Tomboy on the planet. But when I played eyes on this dress and slipped it on, I felt like the sun was shining in my direction again.

This Blazer dress is an addition to the section of the timeless piece of my wardrobe. It is chic and one can wear it to any occasion on any day of the week, those are the types of pieces one wants to own, unlike items that are restrictive.  Where you can shop for them is on Misguided, Pretty Little things, Asos, Superbalist, H&M, Zara and TopShop to name a few. It comes in different styles, colours, cuts, sizes and materials meaning there’s a type for everyone – I am here for inclusion on all levels. I love my pleated number because it incorporates all my favourite styles and at the same time it isn’t an overkill.

The Blush Bag

Someone mentioned something about pink blush being the colour of the season and regardless of whether or not that is correct, I am here for a cute bag that can carry all my valuables. Grateful to have received this for Christmas. Don’t laugh at me if you see me rocking it every day it’s that type of bag. You can never go wrong with an Aldo bag. The quality is great, the style is perfect and the colour was well thought out, basically, Aldo has got the juice people.

The Pink Heels and Statement Earrings

I don’t remember feeling unsure when I made the purchase of these cute pink heels. I whipped out my wallet and made the purchase without hesitation. I galloped all the way to the car with a huge smile and sigh of satisfaction and fulfilment because I understood that it will help me construct looks that are masterpieces.

This look wouldn’t have been completed without these statement earrings. I found these gems which are known as tassel earrings at Mr price for R35 and I’ve been wearing them ever since. If you are looking for ideas on what accessory can help your outfit look chic go get yourself a pair – you’ll feel yourself changing, this is in the most positive way. They’re bold, stylish, move freely, affordable in stores like cotton on, Mr Price and Lovisa.

The beautiful emerald green of my pair are hard to resist – these have opened up the flood gates of me being on the hunt for emerald green items in my wardrobe. Thank you 2017 for bringing us this style and making it hard to resist. This is indeed the year to push the envelope when it comes to your personal style.

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