Marco’s African Restaurant in Cape Town’s city bowl

Marco’s African Restaurant in Cape Town’s city bowl

4.5 out of 5 Star this is also known as above average. 

This 220 seater restaurant and bar was a great way to kickstart my eating  journey in Cape Town. Marco’s is situated at the heart of Cape Town making the perfect place to enjoy dinner and then a night on the town. Location is perfect amongst other things.

We were allocated the most gracious and professional waitress who assisted us with a lot of care and gave us greet and flavor filled recommendations which we couldn’t fault at all. To top it off there was no point where we felt abandoned by her. A table was allocated to us within 5 minutes of walking in even though we didn’t have a reservation so that was a bonus, the restaurant itself had a reasonable number of people at the time only filling up the top level where the live african music sounds even better.

Me saying I’m craving African food was the beginning of a splendid night of great food, amazing service and the most unique musical experience.  Marco’s African Restaurant is where you go to get satisfied with a cover charge of 25 rand which goes towards the live music I would say every single cent is worth it in there. I wanted to try everything that was on the menu because of how much variety there was. I opted to get the samp and half of umleqwa (Hard Body Organic Chicken) which is loved by my tribe Amaxhosa so I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with that flavor filled choice. I paid R165 for that – I can’t wait to try everything else on the menu. The price of each main dish is between R165 – R210 not bad considering how large the portions are.

The waitresses Have lovely traditional uniform which compliment the whole vibe of the restaurant – I love effort and attention to detail.

Any food that reminds me of home when I’m away from home will forever have my heart. Everything tasted like it had my grandmother’s touch written all over it, so that’s major. I would definitely recommend it to group of friend, families and couples as the live band sets a romantic scene in the evening. All I could think about is how much my partner would love it there how I can’t wait to visit this restaurant with him.

Address: 15 Rose Street, Cape Town.
Cell: 0214235412

PS: Add this to your Cape Town Itinerary – You won’t regret it.

If it doesn’t include making my belly happy don’t call me.



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Cwayita Bizana
Cwayita Bizana

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