1 Way Of Finding Refuge in a Perfect Storm

Finding Refuge in a Perfect Storm

Harland and Wolff shipyard was commissioned by the British owner/operator White Star Liner to build the largest and most state-of-the-art passenger liner, the RMS Titanic. A pinnacle of comfort, the Titanic also came with advanced safety features such as watertight compartments and remotely activated watertight doors; a distinct feature that earned it the reputation of being ‘unsinkable’. Source

The mighty Titanic set sail on its maiden transatlantic voyage from England to New York. It is reported that the highly experienced Captain had received warnings from close-by ships about an iceberg in the area, but these warnings were dismissed because the Titanic was deemed to be ‘unsinkable’. Given the modern architecture of the Titanic, the Captain could not imagine that ice would founder her and continued to sail at the same speed and direction. Source

Unfortunately, by the time the ship onlookers spotted the iceberg on that fateful night immediately ahead of the Titanic, it was too late. The unthinkable happened, the Titanic struck the iceberg and water rapidly seeped into and flooded the watertight compartments. It is reported that in less than two and a half hours the gushing water greatly disturbed the buoyancy of the vessel causing her to founder and eventually break into two pieces in the icy cold North Atlantic ocean. Source

finding refuge in the perfect storm

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The rescue mission to save lives included transferring passengers to lifeboats that were launched into the sea until the rescue vessel, which would take the passengers to their destination, arrived some two hours or more after the disaster.

In our lives, the Titanic manifests in different forms; it could be the education from a prestigious institution, upwardly mobile career, a rock-solid marriage and family structure, enviable children who are excelling academically and otherwise etc. Essentially, it is all the material possessions/achievements that we are socialized to believe will provide financial security, comfort, fulfilment, clout, social capital etc.

Many of us, in our voyage through life happily sailing in our various manifestations of the Titanic, will encounter an unexpected iceberg that will catapult us into a turbulent sea of inner and physical turmoil. Your career stagnates, your degree is a worthless piece of paper; your marriage and family that defined you is dysfunctional etc.

True to our human nature we panic when our lives fall apart. However, our reaction to the storm determines the kind of lifeboat we enter into in our quest to find solace and refuge. Not all lifeboats are the same. Each boat has a different Master. As we escape the gushing turbulent sea that has foundered our Titanic is important to choose a lifeboat that guarantees safe passage to calm waters where we can continue our voyage through life.

The boat that faces turbulence in the Sea of Galilee has Jesus Christ of Nazareth as its Master. As the waves crash violently against the boat and water eventually seeps in threatening to flood the boat as the wind blows heavily; the Disciples although being experienced fishermen panic like we do when we lose control of our situations. Responding to the Disciples’ distress call; the Bible states that Jesus rebukes the wind and commands the waves to “Be Silent and Be Still. Then there was complete calmness” (Mark 4: 39).

In closing; we have a choice to call upon Jesus Christ of Nazareth to rebuke the storms and bring complete calmness into our lives. When there is calmness in our lives we are able to experience clarity and function with a sound mind as we sail in calmer waters in our journey through life.

1 Way Of Finding Refuge in a Perfect Storm

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Nothando Bizana
Nothando Bizana

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